Equine Sculpture by Mel Miller


Melanie Miller is an equine artist with over 10 years of professional experience. Mel's horses have competed successfully around the world, earning the highest honors. But more than the accomplishments, Mel values the spirit of the horse contained in each piece. Her favorite subjects are equines in their natural state; those that exude "horse-ness" in their attitude and action.

When creating original pieces, Mel sculpts in a non-drying clay, and casts the results to complete the process. She also customizes existing horses. Painting is a much more varied affair. Usually, Mel paints in oils with acrylic details. However, she also frequently uses powdered pigments and pencil, and occasionally completes an entire piece in acrylic.

Mel's hobbies include playing the piano, training jumpers, photography and reading. Her favorite subjects other than those related to horses are physics, astronomy and mythology.

What's In A Name?

Chinook Studios is named for Chinook, Mel's first horse. This spunky and loyal horse taught many lessons with his infinite patience, and continues to be a charming educator in his retirement. To honor his years of generosity, it seemed only fitting to use his name for the studio.