Equine Sculpture by Mel Miller


In Progress Molly Mule, Traditional Scale

The following pictures represent the first approximately five hours of work into a new sculpture. First, the armature is built from three lengths of soft aluminum wire threaded through a t-pipe and secured with thin beading wire. The joints are measured and bent into a standing position first so that the sides can be easily compared.

Next, the armature is posed:

Clay is added over the armature, working from the middle of the torso out to stabilize the wires. This photo was taken a little farther along in the process - the wires were pretty well stabilized a bit before this point.

More clay is added to bulk up the sides and begin shaping the body. Major body landmarks are blocked in, and measurements are constantly checked. No doubt edits will have to be made as the sculpture progresses, but careful and diligent checking during this phase minimizes the more difficult changes that may need to be made later.