Equine Sculpture by Mel Miller

Have Blue

Have Blue - galloping polo pony

Sold out! Have Blue was a Limited Edition 1 mold run (approximately 50 pieces).

Have Blue is an agile polo pony complete with a detailed braided mudknot, and roached mane. His shoes have clips and studs (road studs on the hinds and inside fores, slightly longer mud studs on the outside fores). He can be painted in many colors, and even though he was sculpted as a polo pony, he is not limited in performance at all. And if you're into hairing your horses, you can think of this version a hair prep model!

Have Blue is traditional scale and hollow cast in house with wire reinforcements in the tail and legs. Each piece is thoroughly inspected so you are assured of receiving a professional, high quality casting.

A painted sample can be seen here.