Equine Sculpture by Mel Miller


Daisy - Itching Fjord Medallion

Sold out! Daisy is currently out of stock. This medallion is an open edition, and when there is sufficient demand, a new mold will be made.

Daisy is the Fjord version of the itchy medallion. Sometimes the only fix for an itch is to reach around and give it a good bite! Daisy has lots of details for painters to play with, and she doesn't need to be limited to solid dun; get creative and see what other colors you can come up with for her!

The Daisy medallion is approximately 4 1/4 inches high, 5 inches long, and solid roto-cast in house. Each piece is thoroughly inspected so you are assured of receiving a professional, high quality casting needing only minimal cleanup before painting.


Domestic $40 - includes shipping in the United States
International $50 - includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail out of the country
*Mix 'n Match Special - Buy any 4 Daisy and/or Buttercup medallions for $130!

To Order

To place your order, send an email to melanie@chinookart.com with the subject Daisy. Please include the following information:
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Number of Daisys:

In your confirmation email you will receive detailed payment instructions, or you may pay directly through PayPal at sales@chinookart.com. Credit card PayPal, checks and money orders are welcome. And remember, time payments are accepted!

Daisy's gallery can be seen here.