Equine Sculpture by Mel Miller


Gus - draft horse plaque

Sold out! Gus is currently out of stock. This plaque is an open edition, and when there is sufficient demand, a new mold will be made.

Gus is a generic draft horse in large plaque form. He has loads of wrinkly details and mane curls painters will enjoy getting absorbed in. However, the details are not so over the top that he cannot be painted in a more gestural style. Gus was designed for finish artists to have fun and be creative on a large palette. And afterwards he makes a great display piece on a stand or hung on a wall!

Gus is approximately 8 1/4 inches high, and solid cast in house. Each piece is thoroughly inspected so you are assured of receiving a professional, high quality casting needing only minimal cleanup before painting.


Domestic $45 - includes shipping via FedEx ground in the United States
International $55 - includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail out of the country
*Special - Buy 3, get one free!

To Order

To place your order, send an email to melanie@chinookart.com with the subject Gus. Please include the following information:
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In your confirmation email you will receive detailed payment instructions, or you may pay directly through PayPal at sales@chinookart.com. Credit card PayPal, checks and money orders are welcome. And remember, time payments are accepted!

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