Equine Sculpture by Mel Miller



I accept PayPal at melanie@chinookart.com, checks, and money orders. Orders paid for by check will be shipped in approximately 4 weeks (when the check clears). Orders paid for by money order or PayPal will be shipped within 3 days of receipt of payment.

Holds are good for only two weeks when there is other interest in the model. Time payments are available. A non-refundable 30% deposit is necessary by the end of the hold period in order to reserve the piece. Flexible time payment schedules can be worked out.


All prices listed are postage paid including insurance. International shipments will cost slightly more. Please inquire for a quote. Items are shipped via the carrier that best suits the purpose at the time, and the shipping method is usually indicated along with the price of the item. Special shipping arrangements can be made by request.


If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, you may return it within two weeks for a refund, minus shipping. Showing or altering the model voids this offer. The model must be sent back insured for its full value. I cannot be held responsible for horses breaking en route to me if they are uninsured.


I will send two reminders after payment due date. If I do not hear from you, I will consider the order abandoned, and I will determine the appropriate course of action for the individual situation. If you are unable make a payment I am happy to work out different payment schedules, or put an order on hold for a while if need be.

If you must back out of an unpainted resin purchase, the deposit will be kept as payment for time spent working on the transaction. Any further payments will be refunded.


Unpainted Resins

All unpainted resins are sold to be finished in any color. Additional sculpting or repositioning is permitted. However, I, Melanie Miller, retain all reproduction copyrights of the sculptural aspects, expressly including any and all derivative works.

If the structure of a resin is changed in any way and the horse is subsequently sold, it is greatly appreciated if the changes made are noted in the ad.


I ask that my completed work not be altered unless written permission is given by myself. If work is later sold in an altered state, any and all alterations must be stated and made clear to the purchaser before the transaction takes place.

If a piece requires restoration, any artist may restore the horse to its original state. It is not necessary to contact me in such cases unless you wish to do so. I am occasionally available for restoration of my own work.

Notice to secondary market buyers: Be aware that horses are occasionally altered by other persons after they leave an artist's control. If you are thinking about buying a piece, but suspect it has been altered, feel free to e-mail me for authentication.