Equine Sculpture by Mel Miller

In The Works

Take a sneak peek at some selected highlights in the studio! The pieces not marked as custom orders will be available for sale through this site, eBay or My Auction Barn. Holds are not available and unless otherwise noted there is no specific time frame for completion. To receive an email when one of these pieces is available for sale, simply sign up on the Chinook Studios mailing list.


Dese II resin, custom ordered in chestnut varnish appaloosa. Slowly but surely progressing! Updated 9/28/08

Breyer's new jumping pony, with a resculpted face, shoes, mane and tail. He is being painted buckskin tobiano sabino and will come with this cross country jump and a plain base. Updated 9/28/08

Part of the Vixen, Imp, Taboo family (which will be sold separately once all are completed), this Taboo is being painted bay frame sabino. Updated 9/28/08

Vixen is getting a golden palomino tobiano sabino coat. Updated 9/28/08

Kristina Lucas-Francis' Ultra fine micro mini resin being painted in dapple grey. So far with powdered pigment and pencil, but I may transition to oils. Updated 9/28/08

Otto in the very early stages of chestnut frame sabino. I am trying a new technique with him and still have quite a ways to go. Updated 9/28/08

This Smarty has a new base (still in progress), and is in the process of getting a palomino appaloosa paint job. Updated 9/28/08

This Taboo has a new tail and has gotten a basecoat for bay varnish appaloosa. Updated 9/28/08

One of Breyer's new classic horses with a new face, mane and tail. I'm not sure on the color yet! Updated 2/26/09

Another one of Breyer's new classic horses with a new dished face, mane and tail. Her ears are not done in this photo! She will be a bay (?) blanket appaloosa. Updated 2/26/09

Now ready for paint and a little farther along than this photo shows. This Valor resin has been modified to become a portrait of Denny from The Man From Snowy River. Custom order, will not be available for sale. Updated 9/28/08

Salinero with a new dirt textured slip on base (no pegs required!). He is being finished in sooty palomino. Updated 9/28/08

A customized Lonestar resin, needing some further neck and hair modifications. He will be grulla. Updated 9/28/08

This Salinero is meant to be a young Lusitano gelding. He has had his left front mostly resculpted and his hindquarters have been tweaked as well. He has a new mane and tail, complete with roses. Color - a grey of some kind? Updated 9/28/08

This Gizelle resin is still under the knife. Her hooves need further modification, and she'll get her mane and tail soon. She will be a portrait light dapple grey. Updated 2/26/09

This is Brigitte Eberl's Lancelot resin. He is getting some body-wide minor modifications, and has a new rear. He'll be getting braided mane and pulled tail. Then for color, either chestnut sabino or dapple grey. Updated 9/28/08

You may recall seeing this Okie Too being much further along last time he was on this page! There were some things about him that weren't quite right, so I needed to start over. He'll get his neck issues worked out sometime! Updated 9/28/08

Wixom has had her gait modified to a proper walk, and is now calmly sauntering along. She will have a resculpted legs, neck, mane, tail, and head. Updated 9/28/08

These two guys are kicking it up in their pasture. Smarty will be getting a new neck, ears, mane and tail, while Flash gets a new neck, ears, mane, tail, and some further leg alterations. They will each have their own bases that fit together so they can be displayed separately or together. Updated 9/28/08

Another Salinero! This guy is getting a more drastic job, and will be relaxing after getting put back together and significantly resculpted. Updated 9/28/08

This Dafydd resin is getting a makeover into one of those chunky appaloosas that are just so ugly, you HAVE to love them. His shoes have been removed and some little cracks in his feet have been added. He still needs some work on his neck before painting, and his mane and tail have been removed to may way for mohair. Updated 2/26/09

Original Sculptures

Flyhawk, a trotting Morgan stallion.

The Collaborative Sculpture Project piece - a versatily POA pony mare.

Unnamed galloping stock horse mare.

Standing New Forest Pony stallion. Voster Valentino's Hot Pepper, aka "Pepper", owned by Linda Kindle of Okjen Farm.